FastAI with Clouderizer – Get started in minutes is one of the most popular DeepLearning MOOC. Course students need access to a GPU machine with NVIDIA drivers, anaconda environment with lots of pre-requisite packages. Most lessons are based on interactive Jupyter Notebooks. Clouderizer team has come up […]

AWS + Clouderizer = Machine Learning Nirvana!

AWS is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for machine learning cloud infrastructure. It offers wide range of hardware configuration (CPU and GPU) and extensive datacenter footprint across the globe. AWS also offers its spare capacity as pre-emptible spot […]

Getting started with Clouderizer

This is our first post and we are excited about this. Clouderizer offers a platform to address various road blocks & challenges involved in developing deep learning models, like Cost effective Cloud infrastructure, Hassle free Environment setup, Secure and Easy […]