Clouderizer New Pricing

We are pleased to announce new tiered pricing for Clouderizer. All new signups are setup with Robbie plan for a month free trial. Post free trial, you can subscribe to any of the plans, including free forever Speedy plan.

We have received multiple queries on this topic. This article is an attempt to explain why we made this important decision.

We started working on Clouderizer almost a year back, with the idea of creating a platform providing seamless experience for running data science experiments, tutorials and projects, without having to worry about the dev-ops of setting up cloud infrastructure, dependency packages, dataset downloads and remote access. Ever since our beta launch in Feb this year, our monthly signups have been increasing all along. There has been great interest in our offerings from diverse set of audiences, ranging from individual students, universities and data science professionals. We have received tons of valuable feedback from community as well.

While this increased interest is most encouraging, it also poses challenge of scaling and sustaining. This growth has direct impact on our infrastructure, monitoring and security costs. We also have a need to scale up our team to improve support and reduce turn around time for reported issues and bugs. And most importantly, based on the feedback we received, we have carved out an elaborate roadmap for Clouderizer which we want to develop and deliver as soon as possible. Few key items in this list are

  1. Enhancing Clouderizer Serving to include text based inputs and responses. Better documentation about creating endpoints for model evaluation.
  2. Ability to concurrently run multiple Clouderizer projects ( docker containers ) on a single machine.
  3. Framework to enable team/classroom collaboration. Project code / data / settings can be shared amongst members of same team.
  4. More community templates to help recreate latest research work in AI / ML.

While this decision was not easy, we hope it will help us evolve to next level and allow us to offer our users a much more robust, reliable and comprehensive platform for working on their data science problems.

In case you have any queries, please reach out to us at

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